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Tilling gardens & project preparations

   Tilling is a proven method of breaking up your hard ground to plant anything from a garden to new grass seed. When its time to build a special outdoor attraction that requires some dirt work, such as planting trees and bushes, or even some drainage needs, tilling also works good for these applications too.   

       You can have bare spots in your yard that just don't seem to grow very well (outside of such items as heavy traffic and pest such a grub worms) and want to refresh the areas affected, tilling can help by:

1. Breaking up the soil to allow better penetration of seed

2. Also allowing for better fertilization including adding fresh soil with more nutrients than your existing soil

3. Water absorbs better into soil which has been broken up

For gardens, you can't go wrong with freshly tilled soil, which is great to do at the beginning or end of each season.

       For landscaping or other projects that may require placement of fixtures or hard scape items such as installing a patio, Tilling breaks up your soil to be removed for base and drainage needs

      Here we have a dual process going on, we prep this ground for sod installation by tilling the soil to help root penetration.

 lawn maintenance plus sod prep.  lawn maintenance plus sod prep.  lawn maintenance plus sod prep.   lawn maintenance plus sod prep



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