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Here is an example of  a front yard project that brought a couple of features together to make one easy to maintain area which also looks good


 lawn maintenance plus landscaping   lawn maintenance plus landscaping  lawn maintenance plus landscaping   lawn maintenance plus landscaping

this area was rough because of lack of direct sun light and pine needles that made it difficult for grass to grow uniformly. This was how it started above and below are pictures of the finished product

lawn maintenance plus landscaping   lawn maintenance plus landscaping   lawn maintenance plus landscaping   lawn maintenance plus landscaping

The area had a simple border installed and 3 inches of cedar mulch added. This filled in well due to the customer existing plants (Hostas and small roses) that were just beginning to bud during this process.

We put together a very nice flagstone patio which was a nice size project. just click on the link to see more pictures.

This area was rough filled with grass and weeds from the fence to the brick walk, it was leveled, prepped and filled with mulch.

lawn maintenance plus landscaping


There are many options available for landscape projects to make your home beautiful and this is just one of hundreds of combination. Different borders are possible from what you see here to brick and several colors of mulch, rock and so on.

If your thinking about a landscape project, there are a few things that make great options, but be careful. That great idea for a multiple group of plants, bushes, and lawn fixtures can grow out of hand and be difficult to maintain. In short, we recommend to be realistic in your outdoor projects by not only looking at what you think will look great but also will not become a burden because of limited time or difficult to service.

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