We will be soon adding planter boxes & gutter planters
to help you grow your favorite plants, especially if your
limited for space! for details 515-953-6996

Fall & Spring Clean up


    We provide you with Spring and Fall clean up, when you have leaves and branches cluttering your yard, we come in and remove these items from your lawn and dispose of them. We have people ask if we bag leaves? The great thing is, we don't use bags on a normal clean up basis, so you won't have to buy bags and its even less in our landfill.

    With spring coming, we know there are plenty of people that have damaged trees and branches laying in their yard along with leaves from the fall. The branches can be removed at any time, and you can receive a Free estimate for spring clean up, just give us a call.

    As the schedule allows, if you have other items that you would like hauled away, we can more than likely remove and dispose of these things also. Again give us a call to find out what we can do for you


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