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Bush Trim & Tree Service



Bush Maintenance

    Many people have bushes growing in the front or rear of their homes and if you know anything about bushes, it does not take long for them to grow out of hand. Bushes generally could use a trim at least once a year and most times, bushes need trimming 2 to 3 times a year. We recommend that bushes and trees are trimmed at least every six weeks.

    Trim the bushes in particular around the bottom lifting the foliage  a minimum of 4 to 6 inches from the ground, depending on the type of bush and remove any mowing thatch that collects around the bottom of the bushes to leave a clear view. This will alleviate snakes and other creatures nestling in the area and minimize any unwanted surprises.

Also, the overall height and width are taken into consideration, We discuss with you what ideas you have and also give recommendations to best complete the task. Below is an example of a bush that is in need of attention with no ground clearance, along with branches that are going to be out of control soon. It will soon obstruct the view from the window.

lawn maintenance plus bush

the next is a replacement bush that took the place of one that had grown too tall and wide for the customer. This really was an enormous bush

         lawn maintenance plus


       lawn maintenance plus pine pic  lawn maintenance plus pick

this pine was removed, it was dying off. pine trees and bushes have been going through a tough time with disease and pest

This bush had enormous also so it as removed


Tree Service

     Trees for the most part, do what trees do....... grow. Its always good to maintain a good size and shape to smaller trees before they become large and out of control. You may end up with branches that hang over your home, garage, drive way, or other space that could become a nuisance or hazard. We can remove or trim up trees that are of reasonable height and size, plus take care of disposal. Please give us a call for your Free estimate of your small, and medium trees for trim, removal, and stump grinding.


Fall & Spring Clean Up  

If you have debris from trees including leaves and branches, which you would like to have removed, give us a call to arrange a clean up and removal, we offer Free estimates. We have some customers that want old yard attractions removed to update their look. If you find that you want a change, let us help you with these needs also.







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