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  Sod is an excellent way to bring your yard back to a beautiful, full lawn. As the goes Sod is good in the spring as well as late fall. Sod is a little more expensive than covering your yard with grass seed, but the benefits seem to outweigh the cost. Sod can be planted without the fear of run off from rain or birds and small animals eating your seed. It installs as soon as it is delivered and looks good right away. Like grass seed, Sod does not have to compete as much with other weeds and plants coming up, and with minimum effort enjoy a weed free lawn.



lawn maintenance plus sod installation prep.   lawn maintenance plus sod installation prep.   lawn maintenance plus sod installation prep.   lawn maintenance plus sod installation


We repair your lawn for sod with the processes that will help your new sod take and grow faster. Once your sod is installed, you will have an instant and beautiful lawn and with regular watering, you'll be well on your way.

We make a visit to your home or business to get an idea what you want and measure the area that you prefer. We provide a estimate and explain the details of what is involved from product to price.

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