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Going Green!

Organic Lawn Care


Its time you went green too....The Real Green!

Lawn Maintenance Plus

Receive a 10% discount off your first treatment when you pay in advance for your contracted lawn treatment service.

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Imagine moving away from "Toxic Chemical" lawn & garden treatments, which gives you an artificial green lawn at the expense and safety of your family, pets, and environment tracking in your home from shoes and pets.

Get a lawn care program set up to bring your lawn and soil back to the levels that nature intended it to be with healthy organisms growing in your soil. Call for more information.


In addition to the information above, its important to help you get a better understanding of the processes. Chemical treatment are going to be far cheaper as anything chemically enhanced is usually cheaper. The natural treatments take a little time to bring your lawn up to healthy state and requires more maintenance especially in the beginning.

back to basics

Organisms in the soil have the same needs we do: to drink, breathe, eat, digest and excrete. When the soil is healthy, fed with natural materials and not compacted, those natural processes allow fertilization and growth to happen the way Mother Nature intended. Organic fertilizer is actually soil food that nourishes the organisms, whereas chemical fertilizer feeds plants directly — but much of the chemical fertilizer seeps into underground water, rivers, lakes, oceans (Google dead zone in gulf). Growing grasses and other plants in healthy, living soil will make the plants more drought-tolerant, disease-resistant and maintenance-free.

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You could benefit with an organic programs with one or more of the following proceedures:

  1. A Soil test, especially if your lawn has exhibited signs of past distress, or other problems
  2. A Pre-emergence - to work at destroying weeds before they have a chance to get started
  3. Aeration & Over seeding - to thicken grass and fill in bare spots. Aeration is a part of soil preparation
  4. Fertilization - providing your lawn with healthy substances that feed the soil and grass
  5. We offer in addition, lawn pest control to combat everything from underground grub and other subsoil pest and kills & repels mosquitoes, fleas, ants, roaches, cinch bugs, & all common insects. No harm to bees, butterflies or amphibians. Smells Great!
  6. Safe treatment of trees, shrubs (for additional blooming benefits), and decorative gardens.

A  natural/ organic program can be provided for you when you give us a call for your "Free Natural Lawn Care Analysis"

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